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Toyota SURE Certified Vehicles (TSCV)

Toyota Airport Motors Now Introducing Toyota SURE Certified Vehicles

Toyota Certified SURE Vehicle program

TSCV Programs

TSCV is based on two different programs:

  1. Toyota Trade-In
  2. Toyota SURE Certified Vehicle

Toyota Trade-In Program

With Toyota Trade-in policy you can now trade-in your used vehicle and drive out with a brand New Toyota by paying the balance amount.


  1. Time Selling a Used Car privately can be very RISKY and can take weeks, trading in a used car at Toyota takes about one or two hours.
  2. One window operation all about selling and buying at one place.
  3. Priority in booking of new vehicle.

Ease and Convenience

You can easily exchange your old car with a new one by following below steps.

  1. Bring your old car – any make or model. (Preferably 3-4 years old)
  2. Give us your car details.
  3. Get your vehicle's price quoted at market rate by expert sales staff.
  4. Select any brand new Toyota Vehicle of your choice.
  5. Let our sales expert prepare the exchange deal.
  6. Pay the balance amount and drive away with a brand new Toyota car.

Types Of Vehicles Allowed for TSCV

Only the Toyota & Daihatsu Vehicles sold through Indus Motor Co. Ltd would be eligible for being certified. Non-IMC Toyota & Daihatsu vehicle and any other brand vehicles are not allowed for Toyota Certification but are welcomed in TRADE IN.

Why Exchange From Us?

How Warranty Calculates

Warranty Formula for Certified Vehicle is as below:
TSCV Warranty + Remaining Toyota Warranty = Total Warranty
For Example:
Remaining Toyota Warranty = 6
months TSCV warranty = 6
months Total Warranty = 12 months

What Warranty Covers

Limited warranty will be offered and will only cover Engine & Transaxle.
Toyota Certified vehicle will always be covered under warranty.

210 Points Checkup

Toyota 210 points certification will assure the customer that the vehicle is thoroughly checked by the Toyota Certified Technicians and does not carry any defects.

Maximum age / mileage for Trade-in vehicles

The used vehicle for trade-in should ideally be not more than 5 years old or should be driven less then 80,000 kilometers.

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