Customer Relations

Customer Relations

We have set a very high standard of customer facilitation at our dealership and rightly so as all our processes and customer handling skills are purely customer centric. Our provided services and communication with customers is always up to the mark leaving positive impact on them.

Our dealership is known for the quality services but this year we aim to achieve something different. We want to be the ones who give our customers a feeling of belonging, we have to create a perception in the minds of all our customers that whenever they will call Toyota Airport Motors…all their worries will be taken care off.

We also give customers new forums, including blogs, where they can Rant & Rave, praising excellent service providers while alerting us to those who fail to meet expectations. By doing so, we hope to improve customer satisfaction at large, while creating a significant feedback loop between businesses and those who are served by them.

Basic Customer Relations Philosophy

Satisfy customers through swift, sure and fair handling of customers Inquiry and complaints and contain to earn the trust of society as a company.

Quality Assurance

Quality isn’t just a result. Its part of everything we do at Toyota. Starting with hand-selecting the right people to undertake the sketching of a car, right through to materials, the build and the delivery. And it never stops. Because the only way to ensure that you experience quality every time you sit in a Toyota is to ask ourselves, “how can we make this even better?”


Innovation doesn’t always mean new for new’s sake. At Toyota, it means better for your sake. We have a word for it- “kaizen”, which means continuous improvement, and it guides everything that we do. So whether it’s something as revolutionary as hybrid technology, or as blatantly practical as a conversation mirror for mum, it’s recognizing the power of ideas that drives us forward.

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