Toyota Airport Motors is striving to sustain the environment by implementing 3R concept of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in day to day dealership operations. Our commitment to the environment is reflected not only in our policies but through technology innovations and measures adopted for resource conservation. We firmly believe that the adaptation of sustainable approach towards all aspect of business activities can seemingly have a fruitful impact to maintain harmony amidst environment & economy. It is our responsibility to integrate environmental concerns that is reflected in our actions and in interaction with our stakeholders. The initiatives include implementation of Reverse Osmosis plant, Installation of Solar Panels, Measures to Reduce Energy Utilization and Placement of Recycling Bins at effective spots.

Placement of Recycling Bins

Having placed recycling bins at different spots, we have segregated it for paper, plastic and metal to be used for respective purpose while recycling. It further provides sense of realization to protect and reduce the use of trash to prevent pollution. In return, it also boosts the growing recycling industry and our economy.

Energy Conservation Signs and Stickers

Energy conservation signs and stickers have been pasted in each department to reduce environmental footprint by reminding everyone to control the use of energy on individual basis. Further, energy savers have been replaced with 200 LED’s at initial phase that consume less electricity.

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