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Human Resources

At Toyota Airport, we recognize that our people are our greatest asset. It is the efforts of talented and dedicated people that make our success possible, and we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining these people.

We strive to be your employer of choice by:

•   Stimulating careers by providing training, education, and growth opportunities

•   Creating an exciting and motivating work environment

•   Ensuring that people feel recognized and rewarded

•   Promoting fundamental values and ongoing communication that keeps people feeling connected

•   Supporting activities and accomplishments that reflect our corporate values of Caring, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement

•    Ensuring a feeling of belonging by recruiting and retaining people of all backgrounds in our global workforce

•    Encouraging a healthy balance between work and personal responsibilities.

To foster an environment of trust, community and open communication, we have established a Managing with Respect philosophy. All TAPM people are responsible for practicing the five principles of Managing with Respect:

•   Communicating Effectively

•    Giving and Seeking Feedback

•    Valuing Unique Contributions

•   Promoting Teamwork

•   Setting the Example

•   Promoting Rewards

HR Team

Muhammad Asif

HR Manager
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Saman Kausar

HR Executive
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